5 Things To Remember About Product Photography

Professional product photography can help businesses of all sizes attract attention online. Great images catch people’s eyes and influence their buying behavior. Some product images can also trigger impulse buys, which can increase sales significantly. If you want to invest in professional photography, here are some things to remember before signing a contract with a studio:

  1. Quality Matters

Modern consumers are discerning audiences. They scrutinize product images before they commit to a purchase. If your photograph is blurry or has any kind of flaws, they will think the product itself is flawed and look elsewhere.

Businesses can’t afford to compromise on quality in such a competitive environment, which is why it is important to invest in good-quality product photography. Here’s how you can know whether the product is of good quality:

  • The image should be clear and readable, without any smudges or blurs.
  • There should be no distracting elements in the background or foreground.
  • The product should always be the hero of the image. No background element should grab the customer’s attention and draw it away from the product.
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  • The image should have good color balance, saturation, and brightness.
  • All details about the product should be clear and visible.
  • Models and background elements should be relevant to the product and brand.

It is a good idea to look at images on the websites of successful competitors to understand what to expect. You can also browse through the portfolios of different photographers to understand their skills.

  1. The intent of the Image Matters

The intent of the image influences purchase decisions and buyer perception. Professional photographers plan the pictures carefully, choosing the placement of every element to ensure the image sends the right message.


The intent of the image can reach the emotional core of a customer, encouraging them to spend on the product. For example, a beautiful image of a model wearing a flowing, comfortable-looking dress during the height of summer can generate a lot of sales.

It can bring to mind the warmth of a summer breeze, the sense of adventure that comes from exploring the outdoors, and the feel of light, cool, and comfortable clothes.

Appealing to the emotional core of customers is a good way to increase sales. Marketers have used this tactic for decades with great success. Professional product photography is effective because experts know how to convey a specific story or message through their pictures.

You need to make sure your product photographer understands this and incorporates intent in their images. Browse through their portfolio to see what kind of images they have and how they appeal to you. That will give you a clear idea of what to expect.

  1. Product Photograph Should Provide Accurate Information

Customers rely on product photography to get more information on a product, especially when they’re shopping online. They can’t touch or see the product directly during this process so images are their only resource. While text descriptions can help, surveys indicate that consumers prefer visual representations. The image should provide accurate information about the products:

  • Size and dimensions
  • Colors and textures
  • Best qualities
  • Utility and purpose
  • Special features

For example, if you want to sell a handbag, you need to show its color and texture clearly. You also need to show the inner pockets and highlight the product’s dimensions by placing it on a model or near a recognizable object. When customers have more information, they can make the best decisions and are less likely to be disappointed by the product.

However, you need to make sure the image provides accurate information. Professional photographers adjust their camera settings, choose the right lighting, and make sure the product is represented accurately.

They don’t try to enhance colors or textures because customers will notice the difference. They will leave reviews online informing other consumers that the product isn’t represented accurately. That’s why you need professional product photography for the job.

  1. Professional Product Photography is Suitable for All Devices

Shoppers use different kinds of devices to purchase products. Some use mobile phones, others shop on tablets or desktop computers. Different devices have different kinds of screens, which means you need product images that look good on all of these platforms.

The images should be sharp enough to pass scrutiny on immersive mobile phone screens. They should also be good enough for high-quality displays of expensive smartphones and PCs.

Professional product photography is a good choice because experts use sophisticated technology to take pictures. They use the latest cameras, the best lenses, and the most reliable lighting equipment.


They also use professional editing software to carefully refine the raw images until they’re suitable for public use.

  1. Professional Images are More Suitable for Marketing

Professional photographs are more suitable for marketing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, etc. They are sharp, clean, and conform to the standards established by these popular platforms.

If you want to upload images on eCommerce websites like Amazon, you can without worrying about the pictures violating their guidelines.

Professional images are usually universal and can be used on all platforms effectively. You can also use them in offline media like magazines, flyers, brochures, etc. DIY images aren’t the most flattering in different formats.

They may look great on phone screens but appear faded or dull on desktop displays. That’s why many businesses choose to invest in product photography instead of saving money through DIY. The investment pays off in the long run because you don’t ever need to replace the pictures.

All of these factors show just how worthwhile professional product photography can be. If you find a reliable studio with experienced photographers, you can impress customers while improving sales volume significantly.


Fortunately, it is easy to find a trustworthy studio as you just need to look online, read reviews, and get quotes from a few studios near your location. Compare the quotes to see which establishment offers the best value for money before hiring a photographer.

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