7 Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a crucial part of your business and establishment. To ensure the smooth running of your business, you need to make sure that your industrial fridges are well-maintained and taken care of properly.

Are you wondering how to ensure that your commercial or industrial refrigerator can be maintained? Here are seven easy tips to keep in mind:

#1. Clean the Interior and Exterior:  Industrial fridges require care and maintenance. The very first thing to keep in mind while taking care of your fridge is to keep it clean. You need to make sure that the interiors and the exteriors do not have dust or grime stored in them. Furthermore, cleaning your industrial fridges also helps you create a healthy environment inside the fridge for your food items. Regular cleaning can reduce bacterial growth as well. Exteriors and interiors should be cleaned once a week or biweekly.


#2. Check the Gaskets: Gaskets are an important part of your entire refrigerator’s functioning. Keeping the doors locked, it also ensures that the air stays inside. Gaskets also happen to be one of those elements that get damaged often, which is why you should make it a point to check the gaskets often. Ensure that your industrial fridges gaskets are not cracked, broken or damaged. If the gasket is completely broken or cannot be used properly, you should get it replaced.


#3. Routine Cleaning of Drain Pans and Tubes: One of the primary reasons why industrial fridges stop working properly is because of big amounts of slime and sludge in the freezers. Since the freezers are larger in commercial refrigerators, these areas can get cramped without you noticing it. You should check for the pans and the pipes for buildups. Furthermore, removing such build ups once a month will help you keep your fridge running well. Leaving the fridge as it is, will only lead to pungent smell.


#4. Keep your Refrigerator Dry: You should make sure that you wipe off any kind of liquid off your refrigerator. Industrial fridges should be kept dry and clean at all points. Liquids can either solidify in the fridge or can make your fridge moist, thereby causing your fridge to freeze up.  Make sure that you check the amount of moisture build-up in your refrigerator once a week. 

#5. Maintain the Evaporator Coil: The evaporator coil of industrial fridges is responsible for absorbing the heat of the entire unit. However, the coil can get dirty and can collect a lot of dirt. Make sure that you keep regular checks on the coil and clean it. If you find that the evaporator coils are hot, do not cram the insides of the refrigerator.


#6. Clean the Condenser Coil: You should pay attention to the condenser coil. If the condenser coil is too dirty, it could malfunction, raise the temperature of the entire unit and may lead to the failure of other components. Most of the manufacturers recommend cleaning the condenser coil once in every month.

#7. Cleaning the Air Filters: Air filters are crucial to the functioning of your commercial fridge. From regulating the temperatures to keeping things fresh in your fridge, the filters need to remain clean. Because these filters are powerful, they can collect dust and grime easily. Clean the air filters properly and regularly to make sure that your refrigerators work fine.


Apart from this, you should also schedule regular servicing appointments for all of your commercial refrigerators. A professional clean up once in every few months ensures a long life of your fridge. Furthermore, the professional will even tune your fridge up, eliminate faulty parts and increase the refrigerator’s longevity.

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