All MangaClash Codes – Free Stone and Power! (July 2022)

All Manga Clash Codes: Manga Clash is a popular game on mobile devices, where you’ll be able to play a range of fans of your favorite characters from the most popular anime and manga series to fight powerful enemies. Like other mobile games, your goal is to reveal the most powerful version of your characters. This typically happens by advancing them through combat experiences.

However, it isn’t the only currency available in the game. There are other resources, like Coins or Stones, as well as the power. The accumulation of these resources allows you to perform otherwise restricted actions such as fighting and playing (in-game) for powerful or rare characters, and increasing your character’s level to get them up more quickly.


Here are all the latest codes that you can use to gain the tools you require to keep playing even if you feel stuck. When you’re trying to claim these codes, make sure to go through our codes.

All Manga Clash Codes

Manga Clash codes usually expire fast, which is why it’s important to utilize them as quickly as you can. Make sure you use them exactly as stated. Copy them and then paste them into the spot they belong to ensure that you’ve entered them correctly.

 If they’re not working please leave a an update and inform us so that we can check!


Manga Clash Codes (Working)

Below are the complete list of Manga codes for Clash.

  • 711748478463—Redeem for Stone and Power
  • 711814255583—Redeem for Stone and Power

Manga Clash Codes (Expired)

Below are all of the expired Manga Clash Codes. Eventually, all codes end up expiring, and we keep them here to show how the game is progressing and how often it rewards players. Sometimes, codes even come back, so some lucky players will find luck trying them out again.

  • 711465939131—Redeem for Stone and Power
  • 711540439956—Redeem for Stone and Power
  • 711245033796—Redeem for Stone and Power
  • 711096850998—Redeem for Stone and Power
  • 710859590184—Redeem for Stone and Power

How to redeem Manga Clash codes

The process of redeeming codes within Manga Clash can be confusing If you’re not familiar about the games. Most important you need to be aware of is you must go through your tutorial. If you do not complete the tutorial and go through the first two fights, the code redemption box won’t be open.

 After that, follow the directions below.

  1. While playing the game you press on the Reward button located on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click on the Code tab of the rewards menu.
  3. Within the field of text, type the code exactly that it appears in the above list.
  4. Press Reconfirm for your prize!

What are Manga Clash codes?

Coupons within Manga Clash are sequences of numbers that you can enter to earn unique rewards and resources. The majority of codes used in Manga Clash provide Stone and Power which allows you to move on when you realize that you’ve exhausted either of the two. Sometimes, codes are released at times of celebrations or events. By using these codes, you can give you unique characters or exclusive cosmetics.

Why can’t the Manga Clash codes working?

Manga Clash codes usually expire within a few weeks after the game is dropped however, the game will always display that the code you used expires. If it doesn’t it’s because there’s an other problem that needs to be addressed.

 The most frequent issue is that the user has entered the code in error. To prevent this from happening Try using the copy and paste method instead of entering it manually.

Many players also experience frequently issues with Manga Clash’s interface for users. It is possible for codes to be entered correctly but not to work due to a glitch in how you use the menu choices. You can try codes multiple times to make sure they don’t perform.

What exactly is Manga Clash?

Manga Clash brings you into the world of not only one of your most loved animes or mangas however, there are many of them! This game of idle combat lets you combat as many of your favourite characters from the most well-known franchises. Take on your most formidable character locate, and then make use of them to smash through your opponents. Some could be major antagonists of your favourite anime!


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