Here’s exactly How You Can Keep Your Base Makeup Sweat Free

The summer season brings the joy of loose-fitted clothes, cool beverages, and trips to hill stations but also wreaks havoc on our makeup. Picture yourself stepping out with a face well put with makeup but it fades away due to perspiration even before the mid-day. Nobody will like their Face Concealer to melt and get transferred to clothes. Most of us deal with excessive sweating during the humid months which leads to a meltdown of our makeup and also the layer of skincare products. During the summer weather, it is important to resort to the measures that make your base makeup sweat-proof and long-lasting.

Hot and humid weather does not go well with makeup that is not sweat-proof. While attempting to do makeup, it often results in creasing and buffing due to the sweat and humid weather. To keep your make-up fresh and flawless even at the maximum temperature, we bring to you some essential tips to summer-proof your skin and make-up will look fabulous and fresh all day long.


Tips to Ace Your Base Look During Summer Season


Begin with a Clean Face

If the face is clean, the base makeup will long last without any need for a touch-up. One minute without the fan, the face starts sweating and results in a complete breakdown of the products being applied to the face. The weather being as it is, it is advisable to use fewer products and only after cleaning every drop of sweat. You can start with minimal skincare that helps to even out the complexion and also gives a smooth base to your makeup. If you begin applying makeup products on the sweaty face, it will not settle properly and result in a cakey layer.

Don’t Skip the Primer 

After the skincare, prep your face with a Face Primer to smoothen the skin texture. This will help to create an even surface on the skin and keep your makeup in place. Face Primer helps to close the pores and blurs all the imperfections on the face. Before you begin applying foundation and after you are done with your skincare routine, take some primer and apply it all over the face. Wait for a few seconds and let the primer settle down in the skin and then begin with your makeup.


Use a Translucent Powder

All it takes is the sweep of powder to make your skin sweat-proof. Setting your face with translucent powder makes a big difference by holding on to your make-up for a little longer. You can buy translucent powder online and apply it gently on the areas where your face collects the most sweat like your T-zone, corners of the chin, and above the nose area. This product does a fabulous job of controlling the sweat, banishing oily skin, and leaving behind mattified skin.

Never Forget to Use a Make-up Spray 

Setting spray is like icing on the cake on the face! Once you are done with your makeup, a setting spray can be applied to hold the makeup in place and also to hydrate the face. Makeup Setting Spray truly deserves a place in your daily make-up kit essentials because it increases the longevity of the make-up and also avoids the base look to have a meltdown. Simply hold the bottle a few inches away from the face and spray the product a few times in X and T formation.


Use Less Product 

Applying too many makeup products during the summer weather is not right. If you have to step outside then ensure to use only limited products and ensure concealing the acne, blemishes, and dark spots using color corrector and concealers. Once you have finished applying the foundation, make sure to blend it properly so that the base layer does not melt or crease. Apply a limited amount of product and keep your makeup brushes handy to blend it evenly all over the face.


Simply keep these makeup tips in mind next time to keep the sweat away from the face. Above all, don’t forget to drink enough water and hydrate yourself to keep your skin glowing.

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