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Loctician Near Me

In this article we will provide the best loctician near me. Locating a wonderful loctician is not always very easy, which is why we have created a locs shop locator. This online tool is easy to use, and also best of all, it is totally free. The locator locates all of the dreadlock shops near the city or zip code, as well as it offers comprehensive information on each dreadlock hair salon/ store.

List of Loctician Near Me

1) Fatima’s Hair Braiding
Hair StylistsLeimert Park

Closed until 9:00 AM tomorrow

“The best hair braider in Los Angeles. Call and schedule your appointment ASAP!(3233898986)” more

2)  Blessings Hair Braiding

Hair StylistsHair Extensions

Open until 8:30 PM

“we specialize in Hair Braiding,box braids crochet cornrows mens and women lace front wigs Installations, Hair Color Services, Sew-in Services, Hair Washing Services, Blow Dry”


3) Hairbae Beauty Bar

Hair StylistsVerified LicenseValley Village

Open until 6:00 PM

“Hairbae Beauty Bar is a locally owned and operated Hair salon operating out of Valley Village, CA, and serving the surrounding areas. We specialize in Balayage , Highlights, Hair…” more

4) Artech Designs Lab
Hair Stylists

New on Yelp

“From keratin treatments, to color, to cuts and styles,Master colorist, Alex will make your hair goals come true.” more


5) West LA Dreads – Dreadlocks

Hair StylistsHair Extensions$$Sawtelle

Open until 5:30 PM

“West LA Dreads is the best, Hayden and her team are real locticians / dread artists, they have been” more

What Does a Loctician Do?

A loctician is a hair expert who knows how to install locs in different textured hair with professional skills. A loctician guides people about what kinds of locs will suit their hair. Moreover, he analyzes the client’s hair and then suggests the best dreadlocks that they can manage easily without adding extra weight to the scalp.

In addition, a loctician helps the clients select the right type of hairstyle according to the recent trends and their desire. Further, the final hair looks that a loctician offers can’t be attained at home. With the proper use of hair products, dreadlock installation tools and equipment and professional skills, the investment of the professional can’t be denied.

A hair expert guides the customer about post-treatment hair maintenance and share valuable tips while cleaning, washing, and drying the dreadlocks. Plus, you can get the retightening done by your same loctician. Last but not least, in case of any severe side effects, contact the loctician for instant help


How Do You Find a Good Loctician Near Me?

Finding a good hair loctician is quite challenging, and it is no more a cakewalk. There are some excellent ways of finding the right loctician in your vicinity. For knowing about the excellent hair professionals who offer hair locking services, look forward to your friends and relatives.

They can better guide you about their experiences with the loctician and other hairdressers. Apart from this, you can find the right loctician by using the following means:

* Internet Research

In the advanced era of the internet, nothing is out of access. You can make positive use of this technology and find the perfect loctician to get the full guide about hair locs. For this purpose, use the Google Maps app on your phone and add your location.

Further, search for “Hair loctician near me” and you will get hundreds of research results with ratings. To approach the right candidate, check the reviews of each person.

Moreover, you can send an email or contact them on their given phone number to check their availability. Additionally, you can also ask other queries before your first visit.

Another good way is to take advantage of social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Another good idea is to contact the social media influencers and ask them about the professional.

Moreover, you can reach out to the influencers having dreadlocks and get their review about the hairstyle, maintenance, cost, and other important factors.

* Reviews

Internet review is the game-changer in online business and marketing. Many of the businesses get clients due to their favorable ratings. Likewise, the masses get to reach out to their desired product or services with the help of reviews and recommendations.

Quora and Reddit are good platforms where people ask their specific questions and get responses from thousands of people online, So using such platforms is a good idea to trace the right loctician near me.

* More Communication

Please pay attention if the locctician is a good communicator, especially if you’re starting locs from scratch. A professional loctician can educate you on the whole starter loc process thoroughly. If not, they may not be the right loctician for you.




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