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Reaper 2 is an exciting Roblox game that brings to life a character from the beloved anime series called Bleach. Bleach is considered one of the greatest anime of all time, and if you haven’t watched it yet, you really should! It’s absolutely fantastic. In the game, players get the chance to fight against hollows and evil spirits, earn cool rewards and resources, and make their characters even stronger. Reaper 2 is published by a company called Iconic Anime Productions, who are known for their dedication to bringing anime worlds to life in gaming.

When you play Reaper 2, you’ll embark on an amazing adventure that takes place in the captivating Bleach World. It’s a world full of wonder and danger, where you’ll encounter thrilling battles and meet iconic characters from the anime. Get ready for an immersive experience that will keep you entertained for hours!

So, if you’re a fan of Bleach or simply love action-packed games, give Reaper 2 a try. It’s a game that lets you dive into the extraordinary universe of Bleach and become a hero in your own right. Join the adventure and let the excitement begin!

Reaper 2 Trello

In Roblox, many games have a helpful tool called Trello. It’s an official resource created by the game developers to assist players in understanding the game’s basics and cover all its aspects in a more comprehensive way than a regular wiki. Reaper 2, the game we mentioned earlier, also has its own Trello board.

But before you check out the Reaper 2 Trello, we suggest redeeming the Reaper 2 codes first. By using these codes, you can claim some freebies that will be really useful during your gameplay. They can give you a boost and help you progress in the game more easily.


So, make sure to grab those Reaper 2 codes and claim your rewards before you explore the Reaper 2 Trello. It’s always a good idea to start off with some extra goodies to enhance your gaming experience. Have fun!

Reaper 2 Trello: Intro

Reaper 2 Trello covers everything you need to know about the controls, anime characters, maps and locations guide, soul reaper, Resurrection’s, skills, all sorts of quests, and more.

Reaper 2 Trello: Trello Link

Below we have shared the Reaper 2 Trello Link(Official One): –

Reaper 2 Trello Official:

Benefits of playing Reaper 2 Trello

  • It is a more affordable version of the popular game based on the Bleach anime series
  • The game has great gameplay and is available in 21 different languages.
  • Players can use Trello codes to enhance their gaming experience.
  • The game has quests, battles, and the ability to eat hollows to become stronger.

Reaper 2 Trello: Basics

You will play as a soul reaper and fight evil spirits and hollows.

Reaper 2 Trello: Soul Reaper

Soul Reapers are a special group of people who dedicate their lives to saving souls from outside their world. These saved souls are then transported to a place called the Soul Society. Soul Reapers undergo training in the Soul Society, which helps them become stronger. Eventually, they join one of the X13 units, each led by a lieutenant and a leader.

Sometimes, a person may not be born as a Soul Reaper or may have broken the strict laws of the Soul Society. In such cases, they can become a Substitute Soul Reaper. As a Substitute Soul Reaper, they can still use their special abilities but won’t be recognized as a true-born Soul Reaper.

Soul Reapers possess unique swords called Zanpakuto. As they progress in their training, they learn to communicate with their swords. This connection allows them to unlock two different forms of their sword’s power. The first is called Shikai, which occurs when they discover the name of their Zanpakuto. The second form is called Bankai, which is revealed when they discover the true name of their Zanpakuto.

In summary, Soul Reapers are a special community dedicated to saving souls. They wield Zanpakuto swords and undergo training to become stronger. Some individuals who are not born as Soul Reapers or who have broken the Soul Society’s laws may become Substitute Soul Reapers. Regardless of their status, Soul Reapers strive to protect and maintain balance in the spiritual world.

Reaper 2 Trello: Arrancars

Arrancars used to be a high-grade Hollow known as the Menos. They became humanoid-like by taking off their mask, leaving a slight resemblance to their previous mask on their face. The Menos included: Gillians, Adjuchas, and Vasto Lorde. Depending on their stage, they could become Menoscar, Adjuchar, and Vastocar. The Vastocars were the most powerful Arrancars, while the Menoscars were the most vulnerable. Arrancars are still Hollows and recognizable by the hole left in their previous Hollow form.

Much like the Soul Reapers, Arrancars also have their own Zanpakuto, but their sword can’t perform Shikai and Bankai. Instead, they learn a technique called Resurrection, allowing them to ‘rejuvenate’ them self and become more robust, but they cannot turn back after resurrecting.


How to use Reaper 2 Trello?

To play Reaper 2 Trello, players can download the game on their Android, Windows, macOS, or iOS device. Once the game is downloaded, players can create their character and start playing. Players can complete quests, battle enemies, and use Trello codes to enhance their gaming experience


Reaper 2 is played using a combination of mouse and keyboard controls. The basic controls are as follows:

  • Move your character using the arrow keys or the W, A, S, D keys
  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot
  • Press the space bar to jump
  • Press the shift key to run


Reaper 2 is a fast-paced, action-packed game that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking. The objective of the game is to progress through a series of levels and defeat enemies along the way. As you progress through the levels, you will encounter new and more challenging obstacles, and will need to adapt your strategies accordingly.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you succeed in Reaper 2:

  • Stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize
  • Use cover to avoid enemy fire
  • Take advantage of power-ups to gain an edge
  • Plan your movements carefully and think ahead


What Are Reaper 2 Codes?

Reaper 2 Codes are used to create the sound of a human voice. They are used in various applications such as video games, movies, and other media.

Reaper 2 codes are created by using a series of numbers that represent different parameters for the voice. These numbers can be manipulated to create different tones and pitches.

The Reaper 2 Codes are a set of codes that can be used to make the game more difficult or less difficult. The codes are separated into two categories: general codes and difficulty-based codes. General codes include things like increasing the number of items in shops, making chests give more money, and making enemies drop more items. Difficulty-based codes include things like increasing enemy health, decreasing player health, and giving enemies more powerful attacks.

All Working Reaper 2 Codes ( Dec 2023)

  • ROBLOXDOWN – free rewards (NEW!)
  • DAVIDBAZOOKA – 5K cash (NEW!)
  • DELAY1 – free rewards
  • APOLOGIES – 10k Cash and a secondary reroll
  • THANKYOU – 5,000 Cash
  • 100kMembers – Reroll
  • DROPSWHEN – Zankapakuto reroll
  • R2DRIP – Clothes reroll for Arrancar/Quincy
  • newSecondary?? – Reroll
  • prestigeAdjuchacar – Prestige reward
  • prestigeVasto – Prestige reward

Expired codes:

    • NEWSWORDS – Reroll
    • BANKYAI – Reset
    • MONEYMONEYMONEY – 5,000 cash
    • ROLLSECONDARY250 – Secondary reroll
  • RACEREROLL – Reset your data
  • SECONDARYREROLL – Secondary reroll
  • newRACEREROLL – Race reroll
  • raceREROLL – Race reroll
  • freeDANGAI22 – Dangai reroll
  • RELEASERACEREROLL1 – Race reroll
  • DANGAI4FREE – Ten minutes of Dangai
  • COOLRACEREROLL – Free race reroll
  • COOLSECONDARYREROLL – Free race reroll
  • Racereroll1 – Free race reroll
  • Racereroll2 – Free race reroll
  • Racereroll3 – Free race reroll


Reaper 2 Trello Hollows:

  • Hollows are the souls of dead people who, instead of turning into a spirit, got consumed by their regrets of their life, eventually becoming a masked beast with a hole in their chest, resembling that they no longer have a heart.
  • Another way to become a Hollow is if the Chain of Fate, a chain on your chest upon death, slowly deteriorates and explodes, giving you the iconic hole in your chest. The only way to escape this transformation is to be saved by a Soul Reaper.

Reaper 2 Trello Fullbringers:

  • Fullbringers (完現術者 (フルブリンガー), Furuburingā; Japanese for “Full Manifestation Artist”) are spiritually-aware Humans born with the eponymous ability Fullbring, which allows them to manipulate the souls that reside in all physical matter. Their powers are constituted by Hollow Reiryoku.

Reaper 2 is an exciting and challenging game that is sure to test your skills. With its fast-paced action and variety of obstacles, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the Roblox platform, this guide will help you become a master of Reaper 2 in no time.

Faq for Reaper 2 Trello 

Q. What is the difference between Reaper 2 and Reaper 2 Trello?

A. Reaper 2 Trello is a more affordable version of the popular game based on the Bleach anime series with great gameplay and the ability to use Trello codes to enhance the gaming experience.

Q. How many languages is Reaper 2 Trello available in?

A. Reaper 2 Trello is available in 21 different languages .


Q. Can players use Trello codes in Reaper 2 Trello?

A. Yes, players can use Trello codes in Reaper 2 Trello to unlock new features, abilities, and items in the game

Conclusion: Reaper 2 Trello is a popular game based on the Bleach anime series that offers great gameplay, the ability to use Trello codes, and is available in 21 different languages. Players can complete quests, battle enemies, and become stronger in the game . Whether you are a fan of the Bleach anime series or just looking for a fun role-playing game, Reaper 2 Trello is definitely worth a try.


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