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Shakti Written Update: Get the latest, upcoming Shakti Written Update on our page, Shakti is the most famous television series followed by most people in India. By reading the Shakti Written Update you can come to know what will happen in the upcoming episodes as well the current episode highlights.

Shakti Written Updates:

Episode begins with Virat reminding Sai about her tests and request that she review, while she requests his to bring treats floss for her. He denies and orders her to unobtrusively study. She tells that she will do nothing without having something to eat, she begins disturbing him while he gets baffled. Be that as it may, without having some other decision, Virat consents to bring nourishment for Sia and goes from that point. She grins as her arrangement gets effective and appreciates investing the energy with him. Afterward, Virat carries nourishment for Sai alongside candy floss, while she gets invigorated and begins eating it. She even offers with Virat while he scowls at her.

Specifications Details
Title Shakti
Launch Date 30 May 2016
Produced By Rashmi Sharma Telefilms
Genre Drama
Aired On Colors TV
Language Hindi

Here, Sai feels tired in the wake of eating the food and chooses to sleep. However, Virat reminds her about the test and request that she focus on review, yet she answers that she can’t think subsequent to eating such a large amount food and requirements a break. Virat shakes his head being rankled by her and afterward controls his outrage and we should her rest for at some point.

Sai teaches Virat to awaken her following 10 minutes, while he attempts to wake her yet she denies to study. He shows her the image of her dad and reminds about his fantasy. He propels Sai to satisfy her objective by turning into a specialist and urges her to study.
Somewhere else, Sai again prods Virat and appreciates tormenting him. He gets disappointed with her way of behaving and says that he won’t bear it any longer. Though, she goes towards the pantry and brings something out. Virat continues fuming that he will do nothing if Sai just doesn’t have any desire to study. He announces that he will avoid her.


Sai goes close to Virat and announces that she won’t release him away from her and deceives him to tie cuff in both their hands. He gets stunned seeing it, while she even tosses the key through of the window. He gets bothered and reprimands Sai for burning through their time. He gives her an admonition, while she partakes in the dramatization.


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Ahead, Virat takes out his weapon to shoot on the cuff, while Sai stops her expressing that the family will get terrified. She persuades him to go down the stairs to see as the key, while he concurs and request that she come behind him quietly. She follows his while they conceals the cuff from other relatives.

Precap:- Virat takes Sai before her dad’s remembrance. She pronounces that she have finished her dad’s fantasy, while Virat holds hands before his potrait and tells about the guarantee given to him. He declares that he have satisfied his vow by taking care of Sai and helping in finishing her objective. He then discharge himself from the guarantee given to Sai’s dad and breaks all the relationship with her. Sai gets stunned and attempts to stop him, while he disappears leaving her crushed.

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