wwe supercard qr codes – Sep 2022 New Codes

On this page you will find the latest information about the WWE SuperCard QR Codes. We provide a full guide to help you unlock all of those QR codes, with high speed downloads, download links and more. Using these codes can easily unlock any wrestler or content in WWE SuperCard. If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email.


WWE SuperCard QR Codes

Here we are providing you the wwe supercard qr codes 2022,wwe super card qr code,arbitration qr code,Hulk Hogan Qr Code,WWE SuperCard QR Code.wwe supercard is a digital trading card and mobile game developed by WWE and published by Verizon. The mobile card game is based on WWE’s flagship fighting video game WWE All-Stars.


WWE SuperCard challenges you to assemble a deck of your favourite superstars while bringing the excitement of pro wrestling to your phone. Then, in a number of game styles, you compete against players from across the world to see who has the best deck. Depending on your mood, these contain both PvP and PvE modes.


Below, are the lates active WWE SuperCard QR codes. To redeem them, there are two methods:

  • Tap on the QR code and take a screenshot
  • Launch WWE SuperCard
  • Open the options menu and press the QR scanner button
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  • Upload the photo

2) Follow the first three steps above on your phone

  • On a laptop or tablet, open this webpage
  • Scan the QR code directly using your phone’s camera

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